Collaborative Elderly Care: Making Spring Cleaning a Family Event

Elderly Care in West Des Moines, IA – Use Spring Cleaning as an Excuse to Spend Family Time Together and Be Productive, Too!

The winter weather has finally started to wane, and in most areas things are thawing as spring starts to show itself. Many families welcome this new beginning by cracking open homes long shut against the frosty winter and engaging in a deep cleaning. The spring cleaning ritual is the perfect time to freshen the home, restore order, and even do some redecoration. This does not have to be just a chore for you to undertake on your own. Instead, you can make it a part of your elderly care plan and create a family event out of making the home a clean, comfortable place to welcome the fresh new season.

Like any other tasks, you can modify cleaning activities to meet the physical and cognitive capabilities of your elderly parents. Whether they still live independently or they have transitioned into your home to receive care, being involved in a big cleaning project gives your aging parents an important boost in their self-esteem and a sense of value and contribution to the family. Even if they are only capable of only minor tasks, giving of their time and energy for a larger goal is emotionally fulfilling. These activities also sneak in some extra physical activity that helps shake their body free of the stiffness and fatigue common after a long winter.

Try some of these ways to make this year’s spring cleaning a family event:

Start with the filters. Replacing the filters in your central heating and cooling system not only ensures the most efficient performance for the system, it also helps circulate fresher, cleaner, healthier air. Spring is an ideal time to have your duct system professionally cleaned to remove dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, germs, bacteria, and fungi that build up in the system. Starting with this step ensures any contamination that escapes the system is cleaned up in the rest of the cleaning

Polish the silver. Polishing silver, or doing other similar tasks such as dusting knick-knacks and cleaning the glass of picture frames, is a great option for seniors who have limited mobility. They can sit comfortably in their chair or wheelchair and go through the tasks without overexerting themselves. Consider leaving detailed instructions and letting them do this task with their elderly care provider during the day as both a great help and a form of entertainment during the day

Freshen the linen closet. Spring is a chance to clean all of the corners, nooks, and crannies of the home, including the closets. Have your aging parents help you clean out the linen closet completely and run everything through a purifying wash, using hot water and bleach for all whites and adding baking soda to the wash for colors and patterns. Let the clothes dry on the line outside if possible. While going through the laundry, replace the shelf lining and tuck lovely-smelling sachets into the closet to create a fresh and wonderful-smelling closet. If you live in a damp climate, be sure to put a solid humidity absorber in the bottom to protect your linens and your home from moisture

Use natural cleaning products. Conventional cleaning products often have harsh ingredients and scents that are hard on sensitive skin, eyes, and respiratory systems. Get the home clean and fresh while protecting your loved ones and the environment by choosing natural products. You can even create your own with items you find around your house, including vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. Have your parents help you concoct these cleaners and experiment with them throughout the home to find what works best where.

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