How Can Home Care Help Your Elderly Loved One?

Elderly Care in Buford, GA – Home Care is the Answer to Many Scenarios Your Senior Loved One May Face

Sometimes the best solutions to help out a senior can be a result of everyone brainstorming within the family.  Seniors can face some major and life-changing decisions, but with outside help, most of the time, the best solutions can be worked out.

* Housing – Seniors are very attached to staying in their homes.  The ultimate goal as the adult child of an aging parent is arranging for them to be where they want to be, and in most cases, they want to be in their own home.  With the help of a home care companion, this arrangement is not only possible, but can end up being a great help to the both of you.  The aging parent can still live where they want to and you have the assurance that they are not alone, should they need help with everyday chores.

* Driving – So many times, seniors want to continue driving, when it’s in their best interest to leave the driving duties to someone else.  Failing health, poor eyesight and slower reaction times all contribute to the decision that the senior should give up the idea of driving for their own safety and the safety of other drivers.  None of us like to admit that we are getting older and no longer able to do the things we once did.  That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s a realistic one.  However, with a home care companion who can take care of the driving part, there’s the solution!

Your parent can still travel to see friends and family, go shopping, see a movie, etc.  The companion provides care to the parent who needs just a little assistance doing things others take for granted.  Having the freedom to travel where they want, when they want, is sure to make life easier for the aging parent.  It will also make life easier for you, too, knowing they are in good hands now that someone else is driving.

* Reading – Failing eyesight and progressive loss of attention can contribute to the senior no longer being able to read on their own.  If this is one of their favorite hobbies, all is not lost.  Audio books may be the answer.  If so, have the companion borrow some of their favorite book titles from the library and offer to return them, so there is no stress involved.

Another way around it is to have the companion suggest reading a book to the parent. It may be a time set aside in the afternoon or early evening when the parent needs to unwind from the day.  The reading part can be pleasant and possibly, the companion can even discuss the events that take place while reading, an instant book club for two!

Maintaining a good quality of life for your elderly loved one may be as simple as hiring a home care provider who can offer a personalized care plan and the help your senior needs to age in place.

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