Do You Know Your Aging Mother’s Physical Condition? Elder Care Considerations

Elder Care in Buford, GA – Pay Attention to these Signs of Difficulty During Physical Wellness Month

Are you aware of your elderly loved one’s physical condition, at this moment? April is Physical Wellness Month and it’s a good time to take stock of your senior loved one’s condition, and determine if it’s time to have a home care provider visiting with them periodically. If you’re worried about your aging loved one, especially if they are living alone, below are a few things to consider that may indicate your elderly loved one is in declining physical health or capacity.

Unsteady on her feet. If your mother is showing signs that she is unsteady on her feet, it could be related to a loss of strength in her legs. As people age, their strength diminishes. When the strength diminishes in their legs to a certain point, it can make it difficult for them to maintain their balance, and that could increase the risk of falling down and getting injured.

Poor hygiene. If your elderly mother is normally very hygienic yet lately you’ve noticed she isn’t taking care of herself the way she used to, it could be related to difficulty getting into and out of the shower or tub surround. If she has lost enough strength, she may feel uncomfortable and unsafe in this situation. She certainly might not say anything because the prospect of having a family member assist her with this intimate matter may be embarrassing to her.

Withdrawal from activities. If your mother used to garden, go and visit friends and knit on a regular basis, or even go to the park for a walk and these are things that she is no longer doing, it could very well be directly related to a loss of physical capability.

Anyone who notices their elderly loved one declining with their physical capabilities, comfort, or being much slower and unsteady on their feet could be dealing with a number of unspoken challenges at home. It’s a good opportunity now to talk to your elderly mother about the prospect of professional elderly home care. Having somebody with her on a regular basis can provide comfort to her and also encourage her to pursue the activities and interests that were most important to her in the past.

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