It’s the Little Things at Home that Can Make Caregiving Easier

Caregivers in Suwanee, GA – Preparing Your Senior Loved One’s Home for a Caregiver Will Get them Started on the Right Foot

Caregiving is a full-time job. Most people are not capable of managing the responsibilities of taking care of the entire family, working, and taking care of the elderly, all at the same time. This is why so many benefit from having professional caregivers who provide home care, senior care, or elder care in the home.

Professional in-home caregivers include:

  • Registered Nurses who take care of medical issues, monitor patient conditions using medical equipment, monitor medications, and care for wounds.
  • Home Care Aides are those who assist with personal needs, such as helping elders to bathe or get dressed and may assist with transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and hospital or clinic visits.
  • Home Care Companions are those who take care of everyday chores to maintain a clean household and prepare meals.

Home care is made easier by taking care of the little things to help the professionals do their job. The old saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” is very appropriate when setting up a home to make it easier for professionals to provide home care. According to an article entitled “Prioritizing Home Improvements for Elderly Parents,” there are plenty of simple things that can be done.

A bedroom may be better if made on the first floor of a two-story home. In the bedroom of the elderly, it is important to have enough space for the caregivers to work easily. This means getting rid of the clutter and sometimes removing or replacing furniture to provide more working room. Items that might injure the person definitely need to be removed. Tabletops, dressers, bedside tables, are best when free of clutter. At the same time, these spaces may be used for things needed for care purposes.

In general, it is better to clean out the space, put things that are not needed for caregiving away in another part of the home. This makes more room for any medical equipment or other items that are frequently used by caregivers, such as clean towels, medical support supplies, or boxes of wipes or tissues. This means not only cleaning the surfaces of furniture from clutter, but creating empty space in the drawers so items needed by caregivers are immediately at hand.

It does not mean the room is turned into a sterile and cold environment with no color and beauty. In fact, even more consideration to making the surrounding pleasant looking is a good idea. Nice photos or paintings on the walls, and a beautiful vase of fresh flowers or a bright living plant are wonderful.

The idea is to create space and tidiness so that the caregiving is performed with ease and efficiency. Another important element is to have plenty of good lighting.

Cleaning supplies need to be stored in a particular area of the home and always available as needed. When a person needs to move about, safe passageways should be cleared. In general, reduction of stuff collected over the many years is probably the simplest and most effective way to make a home easier for caregivers. This process does not have to be a dramatic hurried work-effort, but can be a goal of a general trend with even the senior who receives home care, participating in the act of letting go of stuff to be given away.


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