Top Items to Have in the Home for a Home Care Provider to Use

Home Care in West Des Moines, IA – Making Sure Your Senior’s Caregiver Has All the Tools they Need

For distance family caregivers and local caregivers with extremely busy schedules alike, hiring a home care provider to care for elderly parents can provide an exceptional sense of relief. When you first noticed that your aging loved ones were struggling to keep up with their activities of daily living, could no longer take care of their usual errands, or were showing other signs that they needed help living independently, you may have wanted to take on the role of caregiver completely yourself. After all, your mother and father took care of you, so this is your chance to show them how much you appreciate all they have done for you and give them the highest quality of life possible.

Over time, however, you might have found that they needed more care and assistance than you are able to provide consistently. Hiring an in home health care services provider offers a backup that supplements the care you can give and ensures activities you cannot fulfill are performed when needed, so you can put your time and energy into your relationship with your parents rather than struggling to balance all of their needs along with your other obligations in life.

It is important to prepare your parents and the home for the integration of a home care provider so you can maximize the care they offer and ensure everyone is comfortable, safe, and happy.

Before you bring a home care provider into your elderly parents’ home, ensure the home is properly equipped with tools and supplies the care provider can use to ensure the highest quality of care during each shift. Some of the things you may want to keep on hand include:

Extra linens. You never know what could happen during the course of a day and you do not want your parents left without a clean bed in case of an accident. Keep one or two extra sets of linens on hand so if there is a problem the home care provider can quickly strip and remake the bed without the need to wait for the linens to wash and dry.

Moisturizing hand sanitizer. Germ control is an essential consideration in any senior care plan, but washing your hands repeatedly can leave them dry, tight, itchy, and vulnerable to skin infections. Have bottles of lovely-smelling moisturizing hand sanitizer around the home so the care provider and any visitors can quickly kill the germs on their hands while replenishing essential moisture.

Disposable gloves. If the care provider helps your elderly parents with tasks such as bathing, toileting, applying rash cream, or brushing their teeth, disposable gloves provide a layer of protection. This barrier between their skin and the skin of the care provider can also help your parents feel more comfortable with the contact.

First aid supplies. Make sure the care provider is able to quickly handle minor issues such as cuts, scrapes, minor burns, bug bites, splinters, blisters, and other issues by providing a complete first aid kit. Purchase a pre-made kit and supplement with senior-specific products or create your own to ensure the care provider has everything she may need for a fast patch-up.

Health supplies. It is important to remember that tasks you handle each day on your own are different for seniors who need assistance taking care of these activities. Carefully evaluate how your parents and their care providers handle tasks such as toileting, bathing, grooming, and eating and provide supplies that make these tasks easier and more effective. Gentle shampoo, moisturizing lotion and handy clean pajamas can make faster, easier, and more comfortable for both the care provider and your parents, while specially-designed flatware can give your parents back some of their independence during eating if they struggle with holding a fork or spoon.

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