A Night at the Movies with Your Elderly Loved One

Elder Care in West Des Moines, IA

When you’re looking to help out and take care of your aging mother or father at home, or even some other loved one who has difficulty tending to their own basic care at home, you may be looking for various activities that are easy to do and can be fun as well. One such activity that is commonly overlooked is sitting down and watching a good movie together.

What defines a “good” movie?

Many people have various tastes and preferences when it comes to entertainment. One person may prefer action adventures while another prefers romantic comedies. It’s important to understand what the elderly individual prefers to watch, if they have a preference for movies at all. If they haven’t seen a movie in a long time, they may have no clue about some of the incredible films that have been released in the last 5, 10, or even 15 years. There could be a plethora of movies to choose from that can be enjoyable and fun to discuss afterward.

Why a movie.

There are many reasons why somebody who might rely on home care would enjoy a good movie, especially when they get to watch with a family member, such as an adult child, grandchild, or many members of their family.

A movie allows people to get together and share in an activity they all enjoy. One thing that many seniors deal with on a regular basis is feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially if they live alone. If your elderly loved one has lost his or her spouse and has been living alone for a long time, they may have friends, you, and other family members stopping by to visit every once in a while, but consider just how many hours in the day they spend alone and isolated. This is especially true if they no longer can drive, have diminished physical capabilities to get around on their own, and don’t rely on professional in-home care services.

A movie is something that people can do together and thus share time with the senior who requires extra care at home.

How to make the movie as much fun as possible.

The best way to make a movie event at home the most enjoyable experience possible is to ensure that you choose a movie that everyone is interested in seeing. It is most important to make sure the senior will enjoy this movie. Consider popcorn and other snacks to make it feel like a true movie night experience.

If your elderly loved one is struggling with their own basic care and spends most of his or her time alone, you could also consider discussing the prospect of professional home care to help on a regular basis. That would negate the importance of movie night, but would make those special events more exciting for the senior and their family members.

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