How to Know Your Limitations as a Family Caregiver

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Do you know your limitations in life? This basically means whether or not you understand how much you can actually do in a given day, how much stress you can handle, and more. Many people who step up to be a family caregiver overestimate their abilities to provide the right type of assistance to their loved one at home.

The vast majority of more than 44 million family caregivers in the country (according to the AARP) don’t have any prior experience doing this type of work. Many of them don’t even consider it a job, even though that’s exactly what it is.

They take on this role while also working a full-time job, maybe numerous part-time jobs, raising children, volunteering in the community, and taking on a number of other responsibilities. This usually leads to stress and anxiety, especially if the senior requires a significant amount of assistance throughout the day.

The more care a person requires at home, the more pressure it can place on a particular caregiver. If you have agreed to take care of an elderly loved one at home, sit down and figure out exactly what your limitations are before you get too involved in this job. If you have a number of other responsibilities, would you be able to stop by in the morning, afternoon, and evening every single day of the week? What if your loved one requires that amount of assistance?

Maybe your aging father only lives 10 minutes away from you, but it’s in the opposite direction of your job. That means a 20 minute round-trip commute plus the time you have to spend with him every single time you are heading to work and he needs assistance at the same time.

What if he needs help getting out of bed and getting dressed in the morning? What if he has difficulty getting to a doctor’s appointment? What if he requires assistance making dinner in the evening and getting back into bed? That’s a tremendous amount of assistance he’s going to require.

What is the best solution?

The best thing anyone can do is discuss the prospect of professional in-home care providers. These caregivers who are hired through an agency often have a tremendous amount of experience, are kind, compassionate individuals who truly place the needs of their elderly clients ahead of their own.

That doesn’t mean you’d have to stop being a family caregiver; it means that you can get assistance so you don’t push yourself past your limits and become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

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