4 Unnecessary Risks You Could be Taking as a Caregiver for Mom

Caregivers in McDonough, GA

You’re a caregiver. Maybe you’re taking care of your aging mother but have never considered yourself to be a caregiver. After all, you might think that a caregiver is somebody who is professional, who gets paid for the work they do, and who has a significant level of experience doing it.

If you’re providing any type of support or care for an elderly or disabled loved one in their home, then you are a family caregiver. There are an estimated 44 million family caregivers working in this country right now. That is according to the AARP, though there are also a number of other estimates to put the number closer to 54 million.

As a family caregiver, you might not have even considered the prospect of hiring professional in home care providers to support your mother. Maybe you bought into the myths and misconceptions about these type of workers. Maybe you don’t know anything about it and just assumed that since you live close enough to your mother that you should be caring for her. Maybe you feel you owe it to her for all the things she did for you throughout your life.

No matter why you agreed to be a caregiver, there are likely a number of risks that you’re taking and don’t even know about. Below are four common risks other family caregivers take. When you understand the risks, you can improve safety for yourself and your mother, especially if you hire experienced and professional in home care providers.

Risk #1: Rushing around. When you’re a caregiver for a family member, you likely have other responsibilities. That means your time is limited. That also means you’re likely rushing around and exposing yourself to increased risks of accidents, either within the home or driving.

Risk #2: Not paying attention to the details. When you help your mother get back into bed for the night and head home for the day, you could be exhausted and that could cause you to forget something was on stove, forget to turn off the light, or even forget to turn on a light for her if she has to get out of bed and use the bathroom in the middle of the night. That exposes her to more risk.

Risk #3: Losing friendships. Even though you might not think you’ll lose friends over this, the longer you go on as a caregiver, the less time you have to devote to people who are important in your life. If that happens, you could run the risk of losing those friendships.

Risk #4: Injuring yourself. If you help your mother get out of a chair, get out of bed, get into and out of the shower, or even into and out of the car, you’re placing more pressure on your joints and muscles and that increases the risk of injuring your back or other parts of your body.

When you rely on professional caregivers, you reduce those risk factors significantly.

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