Compassionate Caregiver: Conversations to Have with Your Mother

Elderly Care in Suwanee, GA

In your role as a family caregiver for your elderly parents it is easy to think more about your care tasks and responsibilities than you do the seniors themselves. While this stems from putting so much focus and devotion into making sure that your aging loved ones are safe, healthy, and happy that you have a difficult time thinking about anything else, it is important to remember that being a caregiver puts you in a unique position with your parents. Giving this level of care means you can not only make sure that your loved ones receive the level of care and assistance that they need and deserve, but that you can also maintain a close personal relationship with both of them.

Showing your love for your elderly mother is not just about making sure that you meet her physical and emotional needs each day. You should also consider your own emotional needs and the importance of your relationship with her as your mother. One way to do this is by thinking about the things you would like to know or remember about your mother and conversations with her now that you may not be able to have in the future.

Having these conversations does not have to be something you do all at once. Ask a few questions each time you have quiet time along with your aging mother and take the time to preserve the answers, either by writing them down or recording them with a voice recorder or video camera. This will not only let you remember what your mother had to say years down the line, but to also share these stories with future generations.

Use these questions to get you started on these important conversations with your mother and to inspire you to come up with questions of your own:

• What does she remember about her childhood?

• What types of activities did she enjoy doing with her parents and siblings?

• How would she describe her mother and father?

• What types of pets did she have as a child?

• How did she feel about herself when she was younger?

• What were her dreams?

• How did she meet your father?

• What does she remember about the time when she was dating your father?

• How did your father propose?

• What special memories does she have about her wedding?

• How did she find out she was pregnant with you?

• How did she feel about being pregnant?

• What are her earliest memories with you?

Having meaningful conversations with your elderly mother is something you should do even if she is coping with memory loss or cognitive challenges. Asking questions and sharing your own thoughts can trigger memories and encourage more communication. You may be surprised at just how much you can learn and share when you take the time to step away from just caring for your mother and turn instead to caring for her.

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