Home Care Tips: Summer First Aid Supplies to Have Around the Home

Elder Care in Johns Creek, GA

Summer is here and that means your elderly parents’ home care provider is probably planning plenty of outings, adventures, and activities to keep your aging loved ones physically and mentally active and take advantage of the long, sunny days. With all this fun and excitement, however, comes the potentially for injuries and illnesses that could ruin the best of days and even leave your seniors at risk of serious, long-lasting consequences. Having the right first aid supplies on hand ensures the in home health care services provider can handle these minor issues quickly and easily so that they can continue enjoying their fun, carefree summer.

Some of the first aid supplies you should have at home as well as in your parents’ day bag to bring along on their outings include:

• Benadryl. Also sound under the generic term “allergy pills”, Bendadryl is a fast way to handle allergic reactions to poisonous plants, insect bites, and stings. Be aware that this medication often causes marked drowsiness so it should only be used when your parents will be heading home soon. For a faster-acting option, use a liquid version.

• Numbing spray. A cut, scrape, sting, or splinter is much less of an inconvenience when you can take the pain away quickly. Numbing spray simply sprays on to temporarily remove pain and itching. This is even a great option if your parent gets a sunburn or a minor contact burn from hot cement or metal.

• Tylenol. This standard pain medication provides relief from sprains, burns, headaches, and sore muscles. Many doctors recommend taking two pills after a long outing in the heat as it will help reduce soreness and sluggishness.

• Nausea medication. Even something as simple as a car ride can leave your seniors feeling sick to their stomachs in the heat of the summer. Dramamine helps prevent motion sickness for those already prone to sick feelings in the car, on boats, or at theme parks, but you should also be prepared in case the sickness kicks in. Liquid nausea medication settles sensitive stomachs to prevent vomiting. If your parents are susceptible to drowsiness or confusion, avoid Dramamine and try acupressure bands instead. Candied ginger and peppermint are natural, side effect-free options for settling upset stomachs.

• Bug repellant. Insects and other pests are out in droves during the summer months. Keep them from ruining your aging loved ones’ outings by packing bug repellant with 30% DEET. This will keep bugs away so they cannot cause irritating bites that could cause your parents to scratch, opening their skin and making them vulnerable to infections.

• Feminine hygiene supplies. Though unconventional, these inexpensive disposable supplies are highly effective at managing minor injuries and problems such as nose bleeds, scrapes, and cuts. Maxi pads are extremely absorbent, making the great for controlling the bleeding on cuts. Simply put them in place and wrap in gauze or a stretch bandage.

• Cooling spray. Sprays with lidocaine, menthol, or aloe are fantastic for taking the heat and sting out of sunburns and contact burns, but they can also help someone suffering from overheating. Simply spray the back of their neck and fan or blow air against it to create an immediate cooling sensation that offers relief and helps start recovery.

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