Caregiver Safety: Staying Safe and Healthy during Nighttime Summer Activities

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One of the best parts about being a family caregiver for your elderly parents is the opportunity to plan special outings and activities. These activities are not just a fun way for you to spend extra quality time with them, but also to give them the mental, emotional, and physical stimulation important to maintaining physical and mental health and a high quality of life. The summer is the perfect time to plan activities that get you out of the house so you can enjoy the weather, particularly during the nighttime when it cools off and the humidity drops.

As with anything in your caregiver plan, it is important to plan your nighttime summer activities carefully to ensure you, your aging loved ones, and anyone else who joins you for your activities stay safe and healthy while having fun.

Use these tips to prepare for fun, healthy, and safe nighttime summer activities with your elderly parents:

• Use bug repellent. Bugs tend to be at their worst during the summer months, and many of them reach their activity peaks in the evening and early night. This means when you go out to have fun on an evening stroll, cookout, or stargazing adventure, you might find yourself coping with swarms of gnats or uncomfortable bites. Not only are these pests unpleasant, they can carry diseases and make you scratch, leaving you at risk of serious infection. Protect yourself and your loved ones by making sure you apply adequate bug spray to your skin and body before you leave and doing a thorough tick check when you return home.

• Wear reflectors. You do not want to blend in with the darkness around you and put yourself at risk of injury while out at night, so be careful when choosing your wardrobe. Opt for light-colored clothing whenever possible, and look for reflectors you can add to your outfit to make you even more visible. This is especially important when you will be doing activities that put you near cars, such as walks or bike rides.

• Hydrate. It is easy to forget that your body needs hydration when you are not in the sunlight, but it is not just the sun, but the heat that makes your body use up its water resources more quickly in the summer. This means that if you are getting active outside at night, you still need to make sure you and your aging parents are drinking enough water to keep your body cool and support all of its functions. Remember that sugary, carbonated, or alcoholic beverages do not count toward your body’s daily hydration needs, so always bring along a few bottles of water so you can compensate for any indulgences and keep your body healthy.

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