Elder Care Tips: Creative Ways to Cut or Burn Extra Calories in Your Day

Elder Care in Duluth, GA

For many family caregivers, planning and executing an elder care plan for their aging loved ones requires so much time, energy, and effort that they forget about the importance of taking care of themselves. This often results in eating food that is convenient but unhealthy, guzzling soda and other caffeine-filled drinks to keep them going, and not getting enough exercise, which can pack on the pounds and lead to health concerns.

Finding creative ways to cut calories out of your daily intake or burn extra calories throughout your elder care routine is an effective way of helping to keep off the weight, lose some extra pounds, and improve your overall physical health.

Try some of these creative ways to fend off the extra calories and keep yourself healthy while still being the highest quality caregiver you can be for your aging loved ones:

• Make yourself work for indulgences. Many studies have shown that telling yourself you absolutely cannot have something is a surefire way of making yourself want it more, and have less resistance to it. By indulging occasionally, you prevent the urge to binge. This does not mean, however, that you have to just sit back and drink that whole soda or eat a cupcake. Instead, make yourself work a little bit for it. Put your drink or snack in the kitchen and then go about your business, whether it is cleaning, entertaining your loved ones, or planning dinner. When you want a sip or bite, you have to walk into the kitchen to get it. Limit yourself to just one bite or sip for each trip, and make yourself walk back to your original location before you can go back for another. This will burn a few calories and make it less appealing to indulge, reducing your chances of doing it.

• Drink ice water. Before your body can process liquids, it must warm them up to body temperature. Cold liquids, particularly ice liquids, require additional energy and effort to process, which automatically means you burn extra calories while consuming them and for approximately 90 minutes after. Drink ice water throughout the day to boost your calorie-burning potential, particularly if you are going to have a workout or physically active outing.

• Exercise during commercials. Do not tell yourself you have to skip your favorite television programs because you should be more active. Instead, turn your TV time into your workout time. Choose a different simple workout activity, such as sit-ups, lunges, squats, push-ups, or jumping jacks, for each commercial break and do that activity continuously until the regular program comes back. For optimum body benefits, keep up the activity by stretching while the regular program is on. This interval training will keep your body guessing and force it to use up extra calories to keep up with your constantly changing demands.

• Do the trash challenge. Challenge yourself both to burn more calories and come to terms with how much trash you produce on a daily basis with the trash challenge. Rather than just tossing items into the nearest bin, make yourself bring each piece out to the main can. If it is simply too hot to do this, place a trash can in an inconvenient area of the home, such as a laundry room, and throw your trash away there.

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