Why Frequent Complaining May Actually Be a Plea for Help

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Listening to your aging father complain about things he can’t do, wishing he had a nice breakfast, or complaining about the taste of coffee you made him can certainly be frustrating. Many people consider this ‘whining’ and it can be incredibly challenging to ignore it, especially when it continues on and on.

When you have an aging loved one who seems to be complaining all the time, it can feel as though nothing you do really matters. You can be completely frustrated because you agreed to take care of him, even though you don’t have a great deal of time to devote to it. Getting proper care for any senior is essential to not only keeping them safe, but to also help increase the quality of life.

Often when somebody seems to be whining a great deal about seemingly unimportant things, it’s usually the direct result of an unhappiness they feel at the moment. It could be the result of the elderly individual no longer being able to do certain things. Maybe your aging father used to be extremely active, take taking care of the lawn, helping neighbors with things, and more. However, now he doesn’t seem to be needed for much at all.

Or perhaps your elderly mother used to spend time with friends, playing bridge, going to art galleries, going to the mall, and doing a number of other things with them. Perhaps some of her friends have passed away, moved into a nursing home, or moved in with family too far away to visit with on a regular basis. She can be feeling isolated and alone.

By complaining about minor things, that aging individual may very well be asking for support without actually coming out and saying it. It can be difficult for them to ask for help or even companionship. People don’t want to draw attention to themselves or have people feel pity for them, but if they begin to complain about things it’s a subconscious way of doing just that.

That elderly individual may not be aware he or she is doing those things or ‘whining,’ but is important to pay attention to the message they are conveying. Senior care may not be something they thought about or feel they need at this time, but the complaining they’re doing is certainly letting the world around them know things are not okay and they may require some type of assistance. They just might not know how to ask for.

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